Trollidity: The Hobbit-Hole of Phantasmagoric Splendour

House List

Reminders for myself.
Basic stuff
  • umbrella stand (NB: try the huge green vase; it should be stable enough) (The huge green vase died a horrible death. Must find something else.)
  • coat rack (freestanding)
  • soapdishes (two or three—ones that either drain or have high ridges to keep the soap from sitting in water and getting slimy)
  • robe hooks (bath & bed)
  • hamper (one or two—bed & bath)
  • folding screen (e.g. out of bamboo or paper or some such, as a partition)
  • oil lamps (although actually I probably have enough) and different colours of oil
  • shoe rack?
  • kitchen sinks: stainless steel if at all possible (the hatred of the chipping is eating into my very soul)
  • at least one more cup rack (oh god, and where am I going to put all the dishes?)
  • Will need freestanding shelves, cupboards, armoires, etc. if the yurt idea comes off, as there won't be much in the way of built-in storage space.
  • another pump bottle for liquid soap (clear glass? coloured glass? something else?)
  • towels of all sorts (bath, kitchen, tea…) (Why does one NEVER have enough towels?)
  • a hutch or shelter of some kind for mail, to be placed outside (so the mail carrier can leave packages when I'm not home, and they won't get rained on)
Jars, canisters, or containers for:
  • tea (various kinds)
  • flour
  • pancake æbleskiver mix
  • sugar
  • salt
  • baking soda
  • pasta?
  • pebbernødder (Must start keeping some on hand at all times. Yum.)
  • cooking utensils
  • instant Russian tea mix
  • spices and dried herbs
  • rice