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Knitting and crafting
  • Craftster: ‘Rock is dead. Long live paper and scissors.’ I heart Craftster.
  • KnittingHelp: Step-by-step videos that explain all sort of stuff about knitting, from the most basic to the much more complex. I have used this site a LOT.
  • Knitty: Free online knitting magazine. Original, interesting patterns (free! and at all skill levels) and excellent articles, provided with regularity and on time. Amy Singer rocks.
  • Ravelry: A community of knitters, crocheters, dyers, spinners, and other yarny people. Contains the most amazing pattern database and provides a plethora of tools for keeping your knitting/crocheting/whatever organised and documented. Also, come and discover the community-wide love of Jess, Casey, and—perhaps most intensely—Bob.
  • 50webs: They who host my website.
  • Flickr: They who host some of my images.
  • Photobucket: They who host some of my other images.
  • WordPress: They who host my blog.
  • Distributed Proofreaders: DP proofs e-books for Project Gutenberg. That is, the volunteers take scanned images of pages from eligible books, run them through a program that creates text files, compare the text to the scan to check for mistakes, and format the proofread pages into an e-book. (That's simplified, but that's the gist of it.) It's easy, it's fun, and it's satisfying; come join us!
  • The Internet Movie Database: Because everybody loves IMDb.
  • LibriVox: Like Project Gutenberg, but with audiobooks.
  • Penpal International: Like corresponding with people through e-mail, snailmail, or both? I lurrrve snailmail, and I have good friends from PPI.
  • Project Gutenberg: Thousands of free e-books. Lovelovelove.
  • Wikipedia: You can find information about almost anything here. Don't miss Wikimedia's other projects (Wikibooks, Wikiquote, Wikiversity, etc.).
Free Web Hosting Ravelry: Where My Stitches At? LibriVox // image by Kristen at --  free knitting videos, forum, and patterns I [heart] craftster
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ROCK IS DEAD.  Long live paper and scissors.

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