Trollidity: The Hobbit-Hole of Phantasmagoric Splendour

Site Info

Dying to know what font is on the graphics?

Probably not, and I do not blame you. But if you are, then be it known that the part that says ‘Trollidity’ is in Pristina and the part that says ‘The Hobbit-Hole of Phantasmagoric Splendour’ is in Redensek. For the rest, the pages all use Verdana, and the footer at the bottom is Georgia (if you don't have Georgia, the alternate is Verdana). I may make occasional use of Courier New or Times New Roman.

I create all my graphics with Paint Shop Pro. Version 7, I think, but I don't really remember and have no intention of looking it up.

I've coded the whole site myself (which is not much of an achievement, really, as it's all just HTML and a little basic JavaScript and CSS) using MS Notepad. I myself use Firefox; my monitor resolution is currently set on 1440×900. I've tried to make the site as viewer-friendly as possible, and it should look okay on a wide range of browsers and resolutions. If it looks really weird and/or scary on yours, please let me know so I can see if I can fix it. Or maybe we just have very different tastes in web design.